He was erased from history

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Isabella II of Spain

Image Source- Wikimedia

Life-changing lessons and short stories by Krishna V Chaudhary

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Unfolding a late-night metro ride where a girl in her teens had approached me.

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The history and everything you need to know about.

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Ancient Egyptian Culture

Chocolate is the most loved food item in the world

Black hand Chocolate | Image Source- Twitter

The Belgium mythological story

The dictator

Hitler with Benito Mussolini on 25 October 1936 | Image Source- Wikimedia Commons

Some information on Hitler

The tragic incidents caused by marshmallows

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A Fictional Story by Krishna V Chaudhary

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A tragic story from British Indian

Neera Arya while getting her breast cut off | Image Source- MySharePost

Krishna V Chaudhary

History Writer (Quality over Quantity). Subject Inclination: Psychology, Science, and Humanity. I am much devoted to Fitness and Self Acceptance.

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