A Modern Day Genocide & How China’s Government has Abused Uyghurs

A protester wears a mask painted with Xinjiang | Image Source: Bussiness Insider

Xinjiang is officially known as the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region(XUAR). It is a landlocked independent region of the People’s Republic of China. Geographically it is located in northwest China.

Being the largest province of China, it has 25 million inhabitants. …

The Most Sexually Addicted Mughal Emperor Of All Times

Shah Jahan and his daughter | Image Source: Dailyhunt

Mughal dynasty was indeed one of the strongest dynasties with famous kings. Apart from their political and administrative History, the personal lives of the emperors were also not hidden in History.

Shah Jahan was one of the famous emperors for his scandalous life reigned from 1628.

Wars and campaigns were…

Adolf Hitler and his 18 hours of hard work for the huge empire of Germany.

Landing ships at Normandy| Image Source: Wikipedia

Let's come to Germany of 1944. Germany had it's Supreme leader Adolf Hitler.

On 6th June, American, Canadian and British soldiers were camping in Britain. They reached the coast of Normandy by boarding on more than 2000 boats, figments, destroyers, and ships.
German soldiers greeted them with bullets in Normandy.

Tens of Thousands of Women Were Forcibly Made “Comfort Women”

Young Chinese girl interviewed by Allied Officer | Image Source: Wikipedia

World War II is not known for destruction only.

It caused more harm to society but, specifically, the women. Even today, many women from various parts of the world are bearing the outcomes of the war.

Germany, Italy, and Japan were the axis power that fought fierce battles on many…

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”– Martin Luther King Jr.

Polish children Refugees in India 1941| Image Source- Wikimedia

Indians have a firm belief in the idea of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’(the World is one joint family) where many religions exist, and everyone supports each other.

That is the only reason that one Indian king stood against Hitler’s brutality and saved thousands of Polish women and children.

For King's humanitarian work…

One of the Brutal Race Tragedies of History

Tulsa Race Massacre| Image Source: Hollywood Reporter.com

The violence of the massacre is not unique. The Tulsa Race Massacre was one of a series of attacks against Black communities.

The series of attacks started on May 31, 1921, ended on June 1, 1921, when martial law was passed. But in that short span of time, the entire…

Krishna V Chaudhary

History writer (Quality over Quantity). Subject Inclination: Psychology, Science, and Humanity.

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