A deep peek into the Bengal Famine of 1943, Which Killed Millions

Bengal Famine | Image Source: The Logical Indian

Winston S. Churchill is remembered for two main reasons. The brighter reason is he being a hero during World War II and leading Britain to victory.

His refusal to give in and inspiring speeches are remembered even today.

The bitter reason is that he was remembered as the man who caused a deadly, devastating famine in Bengal during 1943.

The Bengal famine was the only calamity that took place as a result of drought. Winston Churchill’s policies also played a significant role in the catastrophe.

The absolute failure of his policies was a nightmare for millions of people.

That famine…

Story of a Sex Worker Turned Into A Serial Killer

Aileen Wuornos | Image Source: Pinterest

Aileen Wuornos is one of the infamous characters in modern history. By profession, she was a prostitute turned into a serial killer.

Till her death, she had no regret to kill six people as one can predict from her last statements.

She was an abandoned child after her father died while in prison. He was serving his time in jail for child molestation. Her mother did not want to stay along with her in Michigan.

Somewhere her pain from childhood converted to strike as anger as she grew older.

Not one of two murders, but her hatred had changed her…

Lucky enough!! We were not born in those days. Isn’t it??

History was full of insane cruel punishment for the people committing crimes and even for the one they were accused of.

Here are the ten most horrific brutal punishment methods from history.

1. Crucifixion

Crucifixion | Image Source: Wikipedia

In this method of punishment, the criminal is nailed to a large wooden block. After nailing, they are left out in a public place for people to see a slow and painful death.

It was a very famous practice as it is evident from the story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Crucifixion was commonly used because the terror it created among its witnesses leaves them mentally crippled…

“Bad Habits die Hard”

Richard Nixon(left) and Narendra Modi(right) [edit by writer] | Image Source: Wikipedia

The story begins at the office of the Democratic Party Convention, Washington DC.
At one o’clock in the night of 17 June 1972, the watchman of the building saw the tape on the door. Cleaners often used such videos. The use of this tape reforms from the closing of the doors. So there was nothing as an issue in keeping those tapes on.

But one day, the problem did happen. The office watchman had accidentally removed the tapes, but he had put them back on after cleaning.

Re-installing the tapes typically meant some thief might have entered the premises of…

The most misunderstood Sex manual from Ancient India

Kamasutra | Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Erotic love stories from ancient India are still a delight to the youths of modern times.

There are indeed profound changes in the love life due to different involvements. Surrounded by various aspects, they still acquire inspiration from the Kamasutra, the ancient Indian sex history.

The art and educational prospects as described in the rules of Kama are misunderstood as erotic stories.

But the revolution and changes over time. It has showered new glory to the regulations of eroticism in the history of India. …

An Ancient Practice Describing Prostitution and Sex-slavery

Devadasis | Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Devadasis were the women of high social status and were highly respected. They were considered to be given in marriage to God. Devadasi, in English, means the ‘Servant of Gods.

But then, they were nothing more than being a sex slaves.

Devadasis were utterly dedicated to God. As they were given in marriage with God, they were prohibited from marrying any “mortal.”

However, they were free to choose their partners: either married or unmarried. Some decided to devote themselves only to God and stayed without a partner all through their life.

Their relationship was just for a short period. In…

The cruel execution of Irma Grece

Irma Grese | Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Irma Grese, infamously known as the Hyena of Auschwitz, was executed at the age of 22.

One of the youngest female Nazi, Irma, was hanged by British Law throughout the entire history. Cruel and criminal-minded Grese started to work for money in the Nazi death camps. In 1943, she was 19 years old and highly harassed by the Hitler Government found employment as a guard.

She converted Nazi in the year 1933, after which she got her job as a guard. Ambitious and harshness could not resist her progress and earnestly committed to the job.

Finally, she strides to senior…

The Kurdish Genocide which killed thousands of Kurds

Anfal Genocide | Image Source: Blendspace

Saddam Hussain’s period as President of Iraq metastasized the genocide war. It was a long time in flames that finally turned against the Kurdish, making a scar on the world's history.

Even today, the survivors of the Anfal Kurdish war shatter thinking about their lost and dead ones.

In 2019 in the provinces of Al-Muthanna, located in the southern part of Iraq, Kurdish bodies were left dead. Heaps of dead bodies laid in the Samawa desert. Approximately after 49 years of the Turkish and Kurdish conflict, the province reminds about the war of Saddam Hussain’s regime.

Al-Anfal Campaign

A war between the Imperial Japanese Army and thousands of saltwater crocodiles

A saltwater crocodile | Image Source: Wikipedia

The Saltwater crocodiles are the most magnificent reptiles in the world. An average saltwater crocodile can easily reach 23 feet.

A human can never match the size, power, speed, and power they attain!

What will one do when you have to face death on both ends of a road? Does it then really matter which way you had chosen?

— If you go to one end, you will face the enemy’s army ready to attack you.
— If you choose the other end, you will face hundreds of crocodiles! …

The Rich People suffered from it.

A man suffering from gout | Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gout is considered a horrifically painful condition these days, but this ailment was considered a sign of being wealthy and fashionable in history!

Medical science has explained now what causes gout?
“Excessive consumption of meats make the build-up of uric acid in the body.”

Gout is an arthritis condition. Its symptoms are sudden, severe pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness in the joints. There was the confusion back in the glory days of gout.

Yes, I am talking about the disease of kings and elites, i.e., gout.


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