Adolf Hitler and His 132nd Birthday

Today, on 20th April 2021, it is Adolf Hitler’s 132nd birthday. Hitler is one such person that should not be forgotten. He should be remembered so that no other Hitler will ever be born due to our negligence in the world.

Some information on Hitler

Today you may hate Hitler or make fun of him, but he was not a common leader. He drove the well-meaning Germans into battle, driving them insane. At that time, he was considered the greatest and many considered him to be the Messiah.

About 75 years ago, Hitler understood the power of three such things that made him big:
* Media
* Public relations
* Effective Speeches

He used to rehearse a lot before delivering any speech to the public. His rehearsals were not only about the content which he wanted to deliver, but also he practiced his way of delivering the speech so that he could influence more and more people. Hitler used to take special care of photographs; the same type of photo of him should reach out to all the people and that he should look attractive. Any bad photograph of him can create a dent in his image. For this reason, he hired private photographer Henrich Hoffman to take his photographs.

He was special because he was one of his close friends. Hoffman not only clicked photos of Hitler in public but also captured his photos during his rehearsals. He had orders from Hitler to burn photos taken during rehearsals, but Hoffman saved them. Later, when the British arrested him, the negatives of these photographs were also recovered.

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