Rishi Sunak — A Curse of British Hero Churchill

One’s good-doing for someone, can't be proven good to everyone

Krishna V Chaudhary


Rishi Sunak & Winston Churchill | Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (Credit: NationalArchieves)| Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Winston Churchill stands tall as a hero at the parliament of London Square and is one of the great British heroes. He has saved the UK — and the whole of Europe — from the fascist tyranny of Adolf Hitler.

Winston Churchill wanted Gandhi to die. Churchill and Gandhi met first time in South Africa, where Churchill started hating Gandhi.

Churchill did not want to see Gandhi’s face. But he did not know that one day Gandhi would be standing next to him. And all his statements are reflected in his statue in London parliament square.

Maybe sometimes Gandhi’s statue whispers to his statue that you were wrong.

The 1940s

Winston Churchill was an icon in Britain, but he was seen as a precipitator of mass killing because of the policy he followed in Bengal which brought the great famine of Bengal and caused the death of three million people due to malnutrition or disease.

This is a painful chapter in Indian colonial history.

Churchill was fighting the war with Nazi Germany, and while using Indian resources Indians were witnessing a brutal war against them, which was actually a secret war on Indians.

Winston Churchill remarked blaming the famine on the fact Indians were “breeding like rabbits”, and even sarcastically pointed out to Gandhi, how if the shortages were so bad, why then Mahatma Gandhi was still alive?

“Bengal famine was one of the greatest disasters that have occurred to people under British Rule and the damage to our reputation here both among Indians and Foreigners in India is incalculable.” — Wavell; the ruler’s journal.

Winston Churchill’s message to Gandhi —
“I do not care whether you are more or less loyal to Great Britain. I do not mind about edu­ca­tion, but give the masses more butter.



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